What’s so special about the Deason Home?

The Deason Home is the oldest home in Jones County.  Located in Ellisville, MS, it was completed in 1845.  The Deasons were the first family to live in the home.  During the Civil War, a guest in the home, Major Amos McLemore was assassinated.  It is believed that Newt Knight was responsible for the shooting, although he was never tried for the crime.

Can you visit the home?

The Deason Home is owned by the Tallahala Chapter NSDAR and is open for tours on the first and third Saturdays of each month.  The home is located at 410 Anderson Street in Ellisville, MS.  Private tours and ghost hunts can also be scheduled. Visit our website at http://www.deasonhome.org for more information.

Ghost hunts?

You could expect any home with a long history of life and death within its walls to be haunted.  With the tragedy that occurred in the home when Major Amos McLemore was shot, the  ghostly sightings and strange happenings began.  The door to the murder room was said to fly open on the anniversary of the shooting.  Heavy footsteps, shadow figures, bumps in the night, rocking chairs rocking for no reason, pinches,  pokes, hair pulling and doors opening are just some of the many unexplained things that happen inside this home.  We regularly schedule ghost hunts and welcome paranormal groups to come and investigate.  Visit our website for more information.

The home dates back to 1845.  What shape is it in?

The home has been completely restored inside.  The outside is 3/4 complete.  The back of the house will be the next major project in regards to restoration.  Rotten wood will be replaced, the windows will be reworked, and a fresh coat of paint will be added.  We receive no public funding, so we rely on fundraising and donations to finance each step of the restoration.  We are just finishing the eastern side of the home and our money is completely gone at this time so further work is on hold for now.

Thanks to the wonderful virgin pine used to build the home, it is in amazing shape.  Hopefully, it will stand for another 200 years!